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Birthdate:Jun 2
Location:Iowa, United States of America
Website:flying bedpan
paranoia woven deep beneath my skin

the prince of peace embraced the gloom and walked the night alone

You and your brother destroyed the world.

tis torture, and not mercy: butt nuggets are here

It Was Fear of Myself That Made Me Odd +
Science rules. Sloth and Gluttony. ISTJ. Lactose intolerant. Internet Grandpa.

Freckled, easily frightened, easily entertained, cynical misanthrope, perceptive, kind of mean, visually impaired, liberal white devil, passively atheist. Music may be all that I live for. People often confuse me with long-haired stoner dudes.

I love my brother. Not in creepy way, I'm just enthusiastic about everything he does and I want to know how his mind works. Maybe a little creepy.

I have a hard time putting my thoughts and/or emotions into understandable words. I make lists on a regular basis in an attempt to calm my mind (spoiler alert: doesn't work). I drive a money vampire. My apartment is really tiny and I am not. The Cat usually does something awful and horrific once a year, but at least she doesn't bring murder presents. My favorite place to think is the bathroom. Television is what I use to emotionally relate to people.

I write thoughts on any surface available. 99% of my posts are locked. Most of my journal is about how I grossly misinterpret the world and those around me. It's been a while since I posted anything ~~*graphics*~~ related at flying_bedpan.

You probably don't want to know me.

She pushed her way into the space between her broken self.
Now she just stands here waiting, waiting.

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mood theme is a work-in-progress of my own horrid design
icons by me unless noted

Oh, brother, my sweet brother, you oughta be there
I'm gonna go to heaven when I die (I want to go to heaven)

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